(ages 4 & up)

Workshops run throughout the Dance Term & summer. Watch the website, Facebook, and Studio email for upcoming dates!

Acrobatic Arts is a class that teaches students all those tricks that can put the cherry on top of any dance routine.

The class derives from gymnastic technique and teaches a set of exciting tumbling and balance skills. If you have ever wanted to cartwheel, handstand, or back flip this is the class for you!

AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of Dance and the athleticism of Acrobatics.

Why AcroDance?

Through thoughtful progressions, we will introduce new skills as the dancer has trained his or her body for the skill as it is ready for it. This greatly reduces the potential for injury now, and for years to come!

This training creates more technically correct work, and helps the dancer progress in the right direction – and in the long run more quickly.

Stephanie Swan – Certified Instructor