Progress is made by taking and being present in Studio classes and through commitment, a great attitude and  hard work. The proper dance attire is required and weekly attendance is most important!

Tap* (ages 2 & up)

Because of the initial rhythmic development and coordination it offers to the student, we strongly recommend tap dancing for beginning students of any age.

Ballet (ages 5 & up)

Ballet is the most intricate of all dance disciplines, and therefore it is the most difficult and demanding form of dance. Ballet requires concentrated study and dedication. Benefits of proper ballet training for the student are poise, grace, and coordination along with music appreciation.

Pointe* (ages 12 & up)

Prior experience in Ballet, Technique, Jazz and/or Lyrical is preferred for this class

Students taking a Pointe class must take an additional Lyrical class or Jazz class each Dance Term. This is for the dancer’s best interest and helps assure both individual and class success. Progress will be made much faster. Technique and strength is focused on in these classes which is needed to be competitive in all classes.

Jazz (ages 6 & up)

Jazz is a modern interpretation of ballet. The latest styles and techniques are taught in our classes.

Lyrical (ages 8 & up)

Lyrical is a routine that is interpretive and is not standard ballet or straight jazz. It is emotions expressed through dance. Previous dance training in ballet or jazz is very beneficial.

Hip-Hop / Street Jazz* (ages 8 & up)

Hip-Hop represents the current trendy urban style of today’s dance. Our studio will bring  you the freshest in today’s hip hop groove. This class is cutting edge!

AcroDance (ages 4 & up)

AcroDance is the fusion of artistic dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. This class teaches students tricks and skills that can put the cherry on top of any dance routine, and helps the dancer progress with more technically correct work, and skills that reduce the potential for injury now and in the future.  Read more ->

Competition Dancers

All competitive dancers must take a Ballet/Pointe, Lyrical or Jazz class in addition to Tap, Hip Hop and/or Pointe. Technique, strength, turns and flexibility are key and are focused on in these classes. Progress is seen much faster as an individual and as a competition troupe. This is needed to keep all dancers at a competitive level and at the same level as their classmates.

* Important note: A TAP, HIP HOP or POINTE class cannot be taken alone if competing.

2022/2023 Competition Dates

Dates are being determined and will be announced.

Fundraisers for competitive dancers/troupes are available this term to help with competition entry fees and competition lesson and workshop fees. Fundraiser money after the 2022/2023 dance term is complete can be used toward nationals (if attended) and Brooke’s School of Dance Summer Intensive Lessons.