This July, 53 of Dorinda’s dancers and their families will be traveling to New York City to once again “Dance the World”.

The dancers will perform in Times Square on National Dance Day (July 28th) with huncreds of other dancers from around the world.

Additionally, the dancers will be performing one of their own routines, “Juicy Wiggle” on a Broadway stage at the New Amsterdam Theatre, home to Broadway’s Alladin.

While in New York, Dorinda’s dancers will rehearse under the instruction of recent Dancing with the Stars champion Lindsey Stirling, and other professionals in the industry. The dancers will have the opportunity to attend celebrity master classes, learning professional chorography in musical theatre, singing, acting and dancing.

The trip will conclude with a New York City skyline cruise gala with Lindsey Stirling and other dancers from around the world.

Pictured (left to right):

FRONT ROW: Olivia Schmidt, Lauren VanAlstine, Kaylyn Allen, Hazel Klockziem, Mariah Swan, Paige Byer, Ava Romatoski.

SECOND ROW: Khloe Everett, Madyson Graap, Elizabeth Schmidt, Trinity Stevenson, Eva Hetland, Jaye Zastow, Shannon O’Maley, Olivia Pierce, Regena Lahti, Emma Rautiola.

THIRD ROW: Kate Glaze, Macy Wesbrock, Emersyn Iwen, Sara Skoug, Sady Plisch, Ally Renzelman, Connor Stender, Jackson Severt Madeline Hetland, Akeela Conley, Madison VanDergeest, Olivia Wendt, Breanna Cammack, Hildie Bauman, Allie Maschke.

FOURTH ROW: Brianna Geldon, Shayla Swan, Makayla Geiger, Ashley Plisch, Sara Rajek, Isabella Laufenberg, Matthew Palazo, Alyssa Seaman, Bailey Iwen, Karlee Batchelder, Cassie Howard, Delainy Frederick, Emma Marlowe, Issabelle Kelly-Lowrie.

MISSING: Ally Gustke, Aubrey Renzelman and Teaching Staff Brooke Burton, Dorinda Gustke, Erin Swan, Stephanie Swan and Studio Manager Sheila Mueller.