Our term is set on a 34-lesson basis.  Our schedule is set up on 4-week months, however some months may overlap. Your monthly lesson fees are due the 1st week of each DANCE TERM CALENDAR month. A $35 late fee will be applied the 4th week each dance term month if your payment(s) are not received by the 3rd week of each Dance Term Calendar Month.Registration for each dance term begins in May. Most classes meet once a week and are 30 minutes in length. There is NO Studio spring break.

In our classes, one form of dance is taught in that time to insure the student’s thorough knowledge in that subject. It will be to the advantage of each student to attend all classes. ATTENDANCE IS MOST IMPORTANT!


Group class is $36 per month, per child.  May lesson fee is half your regular monthly fee.

Costume Deposit(s) are due on or before October 1 – $80 deposit per dancer, per class.

Dancers should drop their studio payment envelope in the designated box inside the dance rooms.

The 2020-2021 lesson fees will be charged by the month regardless if the lesson has been attended or not. Make-up lessons will be scheduled if the Studio feels they are needed. Regular lesson fees do not apply to any mini-course, camp, or competitive lessons offered throughout the year.


“Come be a part of a quality year end production.” At the end of the lesson term, the Studio presents its students in the Annual Production. The production completes the year by allowing the student to exhibit his or her accomplishments during the term. The student does not have to participate in the production. Students who choose to participate in our annual production held May 2020 are required to purchase one costume per class with a costume deposit due October 1, 2019.


Our students have the opportunity to attend Competitive dance competitions and workshops to further their dance education and keep in touch with the latest dance styles throughout the United States. If you are interested, please indicate this on your registration form at the time of registration. Any student can compete at our studio.


In the event of inclement weather, a message will be left on the studio voice mail after 2:00 P.M. regarding the status of classes. We will also post any closings on our Studio Facebook page. Only cancelled classes for the first two inclement weather days will be re-scheduled / made up. We do not follow MAPS (Merrill Area Public Schools) closings.