Welcome to Brooke’s School of Dance! We are so happy to have our returning students and warmly welcome our new dancers to what is hopefully a long relationship filled with fun lasting memories and friendships through our shared love of DANCE! As stated in our mission statement below, we are dedicated to more than just quality dance education, but delivering it with FUN in mind, as well as helping shape your children into the adults they will become at the end of their studio journey.

Our Mission:
To use quality dance education and FUN to empower children into confident, hard-working and disciplined individuals.

We take this mission very seriously— this is much “bigger” than dance itself! Our studio staff members are top notch and are committed to this mission with many years of experience choreographing, coaching, and mentoring young people to be the best they can be on the dance floor and beyond!

To maintain our mission, it is vital to have policies and procedures in place to ensure the dance term runs smoothly. Please read these below and sign the “Parental Release” at the bottom of your Registration Form to acknowledge you understand the importance of these policies and following them.

We are PROUD to serve you and your children and honored to be included in their journey.

Thank you,

Brooke Burton- Studio Director

Classes Offered

  • Tap (ages 2 & up)
    • Because of the initial rhythmic development and coordination it offers to the student, we strongly recommend tap dancing for beginning students of any age.
  • Ballet (ages 5 & up)
    • Ballet is the most intricate of all dance disciplines, and therefore it is the most difficult and demanding form of dance. Ballet requires concentrated study and dedication. Benefits of proper ballet training for the student are poise, grace, and coordination along with music appreciation. Ballet can be done in ballet slippers or pointe shoes. For the safety of your children, to be in Pointe shoes it is required to be age 11+ and have had TWO prior years of ballet experience. This is to build the proper strength and technique needed for the shoe.  When registering, select “Ballet” and we will place your accordingly.
  • Jazz (ages 6 & up)
    • Jazz is a modern interpretation of ballet. The latest styles and techniques are taught in our classes.
  • Lyrical (ages 8 & up)
    • Lyrical is a routine that is interpretive and is not standard ballet or straight jazz. It is emotions expressed through dance. Previous dance training in ballet or jazz is very beneficial. Should be paired with ballet for best technique.
  • Hip-Hop (ages 8 & up)
    • Hip-Hop represents the current trendy urban style of today’s dance. Our studio will bring you the freshest in today’s hip hop groove. This class is cutting edge!

NEW! –  Well-Rounded Dancers (Students taking 5+ classes)

  • We place high importance on each style of dance we offer and see the value, versatility and faster progression in our students who take multiple classes and disciplines.To showcase the dedication of our Well Rounded Dancers, and to thank you for your commitment to a well rounded dance education, students who take 5 or more classes in the 2019-2020 dance term are invited to join a FREE (no lesson fees charged) class with a show routine.The lesson fees are no charge to you, however there will be an inexpensive costume charge that will be your responsibility.  This is available for ages 8+, class availability permitting.

Class Placement

  • Your dancer must be the required age for the class by THE FIRST WEEK OF LESSONS for the term.
  • Your dancers will be placed into classes based on a variety of different variables: age, availability, registration timeliness, years of experience, skill, work ethic, etc. We are professionals at our jobs and place your children with their best interest in mind in the class/es which will provide them the best amount of challenge to push them but not overwhelm them and give them the best opportunity to grow. We do not take requests to be in certain classes.


  • Please provide a CURRENT email address to receive our studio updates on classes, practices times, policies, pictures, performances etc. THIS IS CRUCIAL! We do not send home paper notices. It is important to stay up to date on the emails WEEKLY to assure you have all the up to date information necessary.
  • If you are not receiving emails please contact Sheila- Studio Office Manager.
  • Some BUT NOT ALL important studio information will also be posted on our Studio Facebook & Instagram Pages, “like” our page to get updates!

Lessons and Fees

  • Group Lesson Fees = $36.00 per month, per child, per class, due the 1st week of each Dance Term Month.
  • You may pay online, at the studio or mail in your payment. Lesson fees will be charged by the month regardless if the lesson is attended or not.
  • If paying by check or cash, place your payment in a STUDIO PAYMENT envelope with explanation of amount enclosed, these are provided by the studio. You can find these in the MAIN lobby.
  • All payments should be placed in the tuition drop box INSIDE the DANCE ROOMS or to Sheila- Studio Office Manager, when she is in the lobby.
  • We do accept Debit/Credit Cards on our website, www.brookesschoolofdance.com.

Lesson Late Fees 

  • You will be charged a $35.00 monthly late fee after the 3rd Friday of the DANCE TERM CALENDAR MONTH if your monthly lesson fee payment has NOT been paid in full. Follow the studio dance calendar. This is your responsibility.

Non-Payment and Returned Checks

  • NSF – Returned checks will incur a $45.00 service charge.
  • After two months non-payment the dancer will not be able to participate until payment is made and outstanding balance will be sent to studio attorney for collection.
  • If a balance is left unpaid, the student/s will not be allowed to participate until balance is paid in full.
  • Students are not allowed to attend studio functions, competitions or workshops unless account is current.
  • If your account has a balance at the time of ticket sales for our annual production, you will be unable to purchase tickets until your account is paid in full.
  • Graduating senior’s account balance must be paid in full by April 15th of the dance term to perform in our annual production.
  • Returning students with a balance from a previous dance term will be able to register for the new dance term but will not be able to dance until the balance is paid in full. You will still be charged lesson fees for the classes you are registered for.

Student Account Number

  • All Dance Families receive an account number. You will find this on your emailed financial statements.
  • Please refer to this account number when making payment. Your account number remains the same from year to year.

Account Information

  • Direct all questions to our Studio Office Manager “Sheila” & Brooke @ 715.302.3146 or leave a message on the studio voicemail @ 715.536.4411. It is your responsibility to keep your account current.


  • $80.00 DEPOSIT per child, per class. We encourage you to pay ahead or set up a payment plan with Sheila-Studio Office Manager.
  • All Costume DEPOSITS are due by October 1 of the dance term and are nonrefundable after November 1. There is a $35.00 monthly late fee if your costume deposit(s) are paid after October 31 of the dance term.
  • Costume Deposits cover the costume, tights, show t-shirt and music download. Some costumes cost more than others or require additional work done to make them show ready, any additional costume balances accrued beyond the $80 will be billed in the spring of the dance term.
  • Rhinestone chokers, earrings, headbands, props, extra tights, alterations etc. ARE NOT part of your deposit, they are an additional expense.
  • A WRITTEN NOTICE MUST be received by October 15 of the dance term if your child(ren) will NOT be participating in our Annual Productions. Cancellation of an ordered costume is non-refundable and there are penalty fees.
  • COSTUME CONDITION (PRESSING/STEAMING, MAKING COSTUME PRESENTABLE) is the responsibility of the dance family! When costumes are received they should promptly be taken out of the bags they came in, pressed and hung up and ready to go for pictures/competitions/ show. Not all costumes arrive from the costume companies in garment bags, this is out of our control.  Studio garment bags are available for purchase for your convenience.


  • Weekly attendance is vital to the student’s progress and group choreography! If there is a possibility of a make-up class the instructor will let you know. If additional lessons are needed, regular lesson fees will apply.  If attendance is a problem your child may be dismissed from the class, competition and/or our annual production.  When your child will be absent please text/call Sheila- Studio Office Manager or call the studio to let us kno  We will call you if absent is unexcused.

Dress Code

  • GIRLS: “All Black, HAIR BACK!” Black form fitting dance attire, Tights TOO! Hair must be pulled back, out of your face.
  • NO SKIRTS! These are a distraction in class for the very young dancer.
  • BOYS: Black T-Shirt and shorts or sweat pants that have elastic at the ankle.
  • Students MUST practice in class with the proper shoes for that class.

Studio Rules/Reminders

  • Absolutely no recording/pictures/videos in the Studio, posting any studio material online or posting student’s pictures to social media. Please note: We have several dance families each year who do not want their children’s pictures posted on any social media.
  • No street shoes or boots in dance rooms and do not wear your dance shoes for street shoes.
  • No cell phone, food, soda, candy or gum in the dance rooms. Leave valuables at home.
  • Label all your personal items, shoes, bags. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Dancers are to be picked up promptly following classes.
  • Do not open studio dance room doors while dance class is in progress or disturb Instructors while teaching.

In Class

  • Please encourage your students to work hard and be respectful to their fellow students and teachers in class. Classes are negatively affected when students are not.  Each class is a team and every part of that team is valuable.  NO BENCHES IN DANCE!! We are proud to offer everyone the chance to dance!
  • Please keep this in mind when students are given different parts of the dance, given their formations, etc. Every decision is made by our professional group of staff with each student’s best interest in mind as well as the entire class as a whole.
  • Please remember the POWER of POSITIVITY and HARD WORK and PERSERVERANCE! This goes FAR beyond talent! We cannot teach your children this alone, it takes a village! Please remember we are COACHES and want what is best for your children. Constructive criticism is key to their success and the success of the class. We correct them because we CARE about their progress as a dancer and person!  THANK YOU for your cooperation!!


  • It takes much more time than a half hour a week for your student to be successful at competitions, workshops, our annual production, etc. Please encourage your child to practice OUTSIDE of the classroom for memory and to continue to build skills! PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS! Practice music will be sent via email as soon as dances are started. We also offer “OPEN STUDIO” throughout the dance term- this is a great way to get your children in the studio practicing, staying active and doing what they love! Please stay involved!  POWER OF PRACTICE!!

Weather Policy

  • In the event of inclement weather, an email will be sent to your email on file by 2:00 p.m. regarding status of classes. We do NOT always follow the school closings. We will also post any closings on our Studio Facebook page.  Only the first two inclement weather days will be made-up/rescheduled.

Year End Production

  • The production completes the year by allowing the students to exhibit his or her accomplishments. Our shows are a quality production you can be proud of!
  • Students DO NOT have to participate.
  • Tickets are sold for the production. Ticket sale date and price TBA. Anyone attending the production needs a ticket, DANCERS TOO.  All seating is reserved.
  • Location: Prairie River Middle School Auditorium. SHOW DATES: May 2 & 3, 2020. Dress Rehearsals April 28 – May 1, 2020.
  • Absolutely No Photography/Video Taping, Cell Phones, etc. allowed at the Productions! A DVD will be available for purchase.
  • Dress Rehearsals are CLOSED rehearsals! Rehearsals are for the dancers, studio staff, stage crew and technical crew.

Class Observation

  • Parents and guardians are not allowed in the dance rooms with the students. We have 2 way windows that will be open monthly, we will send an email when this is available.

Waiting Room

  • Parents – Please wait in MAIN lobby. Please DO NOT use the upper kitchen as a waiting area. The kitchen is ONLY for dance students to eat, study and wait quietly.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO TUMBLING/TRICKS in the lobby, unattended dance rooms, sidewalk, etc.!
  • Remember to take advantage of our downtown businesses while your child is in class or enjoy a walk/keep moving and take time for yourself. Enjoy the River Walk right out back of the Dance Studio.
  • ALL younger dancers should have a parent or guardian with them at all times when not in the class room.
  • Absolutely no children should play on any of the stairways or sit the stairways on the steps.
  • Brooke’s School of Dance is not responsible for watching children when not in the dance room. THANK YOU!

Dance Competitions and Workshops

  • Students have the opportunity to attend dance workshops, competitions, parades, etc. to further their dance education. We will share these opportunities as they come.
  • Competition opportunities come with extra lessons, lesson fees, entry fees, etc. For your dancer to excel in competition we recommend taking multiple classes (especially a jazz or ballet for technique), conventions, summer dance, etc.  The more practice, the better you’ll be J

Shoes and Merchandise

  • The proper DANCE SHOES MUST be ordered through the studio to ensure the correct fit, style and color. Studio Merchandise and some Dance Attire is available through the studio.
  • Brooke’s School of Dance will only resell used shoes purchased from our studio.
  • Put your name on shoes!

Class Withdrawal

  • DROP FEE: $35.00 effective September 15 per class, per dancer.  You are responsible for all aspects of class participation.  Withdrawal from class must be made in writing, or tuition will continue to be charged.  Lesson fees are non-refundable or credited for any reason.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  You are responsible for all fees incurred up to that point.
  • You will receive a drop fee of $35 per class, per dancer if dropping out of a competition you committed to after the commitment date.


  • The Studio Dance Calendar is posted on our website @ brookesschoolofdance.com. There are also paper copies located in the main lobby.  Please refer to this for important dates.

Lost and Found

  • All items will be placed in a basket in the main lobby. All items that have not been claimed by Winter break, Ticket sales and again at the end of the Dance Term Year will be given to a second hand store.

Class Pictures

  • Class/Group pictures are taken in the spring – see Studio Dance Calendar for your picture date(s) @ brookesschoolofdance.com. Pictures are taken in Merrill at Phil Zeisemer’s Photography Studio.  All students are required to attend their group picture.  You do not have to purchase any picture packages.


  • Please direct ALL studio/class/costume questions to “Sheila”-Studio Office Manager & “Brooke”- Studio Director by calling 715-536-4411 or text/call 715-218-6467. We are happy to help!!
  • Please do NOT direct studio questions to our studio teaching staff via text/call/social media etc.  This is not their responsibility to know or report!

Thank you for your cooperation- it does not go unnoticed!

Together, let’s make this a fantastic dance term!

Thank you!!