Studio Staff

Brooke Burton


Dorinda Gustke

Dance Consultant

Dorinda is a certified and active educator in Dance, Cheer, and Technical Judging across Wisconsin. A life-long lover and learner of dance with over 37 years of professional dance experience, Dorinda knows that dance will forever continue to evolve. Dorinda continually educates herself and her staff by attending workshops, adjudications, classes, competitions, and studying with numerous professionals in the industry. She is proud to provide a positive and safe dance environment while encouraging her students and staff to do their very best.

Sheila Mueller

Office Manager

Sheila has been working in the dance industry since 1999 when her daughter began dancing. She has 19 years of experience in all areas of Dance offstage, onstage, behind the scenes, and in the main office. She is certified and active as a rules educator in technical, Cheer, and Dance judging. Prior to her dance career, Sheila acquired over 35 years of experience in business administration, working in both the medical and insurance industries.