What Our Clients Say

“Dorinda, Thank you for giving me the opportunity the past 2 years to dance at your studio. I remember watching the show the year before I came and I thought there’s no way I can sit in the audience and watch next year. I wish this opportunity came up sooner but I’m very grateful that I had at least 2 years to experience it. When I would be having a bad day and I would come to dance my mood would flip flop instantly. I enjoyed the challenges and entertainment you put upon your students. You are truly a successful, talented, and inspiring person to be around. You and the studio will truly be missed as I travel forth to my future. Thanks again.” – Hannah

You are amazing! It has been such an honor to have Summer dance with your studio. I cannot imagine her dance years any other way!! Please know that you are appreciated and admired for your talent & beauty. So much happiness to remember. Thank You! ~ Tanya ~ 2014

Thanks for sticking with Lauren this year! She really blossomed and we appreciate everything! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! ~ Amy, Frank & Lauren ~ 2013

Dorinda – We would like to thank you and the other dancers for your help and support at competition. We look forward to Ashley growing as a dancer with your support and training. ~ Deann & Ashley ~ 2013

Just wanted to say “thank you” for being such a great teacher. Emily really enjoys dancing & she (and me) had a wonderful time at the show. The show was amazing and we are so grateful and proud for being a part of it. You are so inspirational to us and others. Thank you for caring and sharing your talents. ~ Paula & Emily ~ 2013

Thanks Dorinda! You are amazing with these kids. They are so lucky to have you! Thanks for everything! ~ Dawn ~ 2013

Dear Dorinda – Thank you for making my first year of dance the best year of my life. You’re awesome! ~ Courtney ~ 2013

Dorinda – Thank you for all that you did for Lydia this year. Your support, guidance, and encouragment has helped shape her into a confident and positive young woman. This year has been a struggle fo her, but you and the studio were a constant, healthy distraction for her and I cannot thank you enough for that. It is obvious that you believe in her, and you see her potential and all her goodness – and I see how you are making a difference in her life, and the lives of so many other kids. You have a very special gift, and I appreciate you sharing it with us. With the deepest respect and appreciation. ~ Katherine ~ 2013

Another great year and there is still more “Fun to be Done”. I can’t wait until next season. Nice job everyone. ~ Ernie

Great job all the dancers! Thank you Dorinda for a fabulous year again! Wished I could have danced but it was nice being able to see the show start to finish. You do such an amazing job through out all ages and dance styles. Can’t wait to see you next year and/or this summer and do this wonderful thing we do all over again. ~ Crystal

During intermission at Show #1, as I was going through the lobby, I overheard someone say, “I’ve never seen anything like this before .. this is great!!” It’s a wonderful thing to hear. I’ve tried explaining what a BIG production this is to others (that aren’t from here) and really … you just don’t get it until you’ve experienced it!!! Great Saturday shows to ALL the dancers, Elizabeth, Adam, all the teachers, the seniors, the parents and Dorinda!!! ~ Tara

Dorinda and her team just keeps rockin’ it every year .. how do you do it? The dancers are so good and that truly is a testimony to the teachers and their ability to teach and help each dancer reach their own potential. I am glad my daughter and I have been able to be a part of Dorinda’s. Thanks for all you do! ~ Tina

Dorinda ~ Did you ever think in any one year you would have “three” generations of one family dancing in your shows. Well, we all a had a ball from start to finish! “Words” alone cannot explain what this experience has brought, to me personally! Thank You! Thank You! You are awesome and I am blessed to have you in my life.
Much Love ~ Linda

After all these years, never thought I’d be dancing again! Especially with my mom and Mandy! Thanks for giving me the opportunity. I had so much fun! I will cherish the memories and pictures forever! ~ Love, Kim

Thank you for giving me something to look forward to this year. It was fun to get away from it all and get my groove on. The neon colors and big hair … I had a blast and the memories will last a lifetime!
Thanks again! ~ Amanda

Dear Dorinda ~ I just wanted to say what a great job you and your staff do. My kids LOVE dance so much. It’s a good, safe place where they can go and meet new friends and enjoy what they are doing. They were so sad that it ended for the summer and are looking forward to the summer camp and next year already. The production this year was just wonderful. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.
Thank you again ~ Sara P. and Family

Dorinda ~ Thanks for another great year and awesome show. The closing was so funny. I really enjoyed it. It’s amazing how you put all that together so well every year. My girls had lots of fun doing the competitions and shows. They are already looking forward to next year. I appreciate that you challenge the kids and expect the best out of them. ~ Shelley H.

Dorinda and Staff ~ Thank you for a great year teaching the girls dance, they LOVE IT! Watching Ally grow up with this is amazing and she improved so much. The other girls are learning alot also. Thank you for a great year. ~ The Semling Girls

Dear Dorinda, ~ “Get Back” a grand production! As always, sets, costumes and dance numbers were superb in every respect. You are to be congratulated for your creativity and working well with our youth. I’m sure your students will always remember being “A Dorinda Dancer” with pride. I’ve always looked forward to each new show over the years and feel sad my granddaughter, a graduating senior, will no longer be in the recital. May good health and happiness follow you in the future. ~ Dorothea M.

Dorinda and Staff ~ I just wanted to tell you thank you for making my daughter’s first competition experience so much fun. She really enjoyed it and felt proud. I had never watched dancers from other studios before; it made me realize how very lucky to have Dorinda’s Dance Studio in Merrill that we are. There was really no comparison. So Thank You! Your hard work, caring, planning, and pushing these kids to do their best is appreciated!! Congrats on a great job! ~ Jill H.

Dorinda & Dance Studio Staff ~ We want to say Thank You for another great year of fun & skill building. You have an organized & well put together program. You and the entire staff have always been professional, friendly and helpful. Our daughter looks foward to coming to every class. She has learned much in a positive atmosphere of quality instructors who have also helped build self-esteem and confidence. Thanks again to all for letting your light shine! ~ The Hoff’s

The Gustke Family ~ Well what can I say? I love you guys! The show was amazing as always and there is so much comfort I get to be back in Merrill and to still be a part of something that is so special! You guys make such a great team and it shows year after year! Thank you for all you do year after year and what you do for the kids and this community. What you offer is so much more than just dance. You help families come together and build memories they will have forever! Thank you for all your hard work and commitment you show the kids! Love you guys and congrats on another great year! ~ Katie

Dorinda ~ Gosh where do I even begin to thank you? First of all, I want to thank you for putting up with me and my disruptive behavior in dance through the years! I hope I got more bearable as I grew older. You have taught me so many life lessons through instructing me in dance. I’ve seen your ability to juggle all the dancers, teachers, routines and shows every year and though you may have gotten stressed, you always did it all with a smile on your face. You are such an amazing role model and I couldn’t have asked for a better dance teacher. Thanks also to the whole family for the thought of the card and also the gift of money. I can assure you it will be put to good use! ~ Love Emma